Thursday, January 13, 2011

Personality Buffet

It's funny how attitude changes with the people you surround yourself with, I should know from first hand.  I've said & done some immature things because I surrounded myself with people who thought it was acceptable.  When I look back at those actions now, I can't help but say to myself "what the hell was I thinking?"  Sometimes I wonder, would it just be better to hang out with yourself?

I guess that's a bit of an extreme.  Socialization, I think, is healthy but it definitely is a lesson that we have to learn in life.  I think from interacting with different people it teaches us what personality traits we want and what bad habits we don't want.  I know that when I look at my mentors (and yes there is more than just one mentor)  I take what I like from each of them and I try to train myself to do it in my life.  This habit is something that some people should learn.  It not only makes you a well-rounded person but it also teaches you to put yourself into the position of someone else (something people don't do anymore).

So I find myself looking around at the people I am surrounded by and asking "hmmm... what do I like about each of you and what can I learn from you?" It's kind of like a buffet of personality traits!

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