Monday, September 13, 2010

Three beautiful things I saw today:
Big puddles from the Hilo rain
My chai tea latte
My doggie, peaches

As you can see, my day wasn't all that exciting.  Just your average Monday.  I got out of bed (more like crawled), left for work, & am still at work.  The most exciting thing today was my lunch break! About a week ago my very good friend, Ivie Joy, from NYC came back home to Hawaii and she had time to meet up with me for lunch.  She had this awesome habit of naming three beautiful things she saw each day so that she could appreciate new things.  I'm starting that same habit so that I can learn to appreciate Hawaii.  I've wanted nothing but to get out of here but i'm starting to learn that I have to appreciate it to.  It gave me lots of memories.

Oh, I was brainstorming (with myself) and I think i might start a new blog.  It'll be a blog where i test products like crest whitening strips.  I'd start it and take pictures each day to see if you could see the difference or when we would start to see the difference.  whatcha think? it's just an idea. :-)

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