Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feeding the addiction

So in my atempt to give up the overly used and dramatic facebook, I am going to start blogging. I ask myself "what the hell am i going to blog about?"
My life as a monday-through friday 8am-5pm office girl is mediocre. I think the most exciting thing about my life is the people I live with.(and when I say live I mean deal with.)And in all blogging sorts I will not disclose the names of my "friends." (hehe, well unless of course it's in a tasteful manner but what's the point in blogging if everything is tasteful?! riiight?)

Wow, i just re-read what i wrote and I have to say I sound like a girl straight out of Mean Girls but I promise I'm NOT a mean girl. But every nice girl needs a way of lashing out right?

Don't you think this blog goes perfectly with my blog title? Simple Complicated.

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