Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Educational Delimma

In the morning on my very short drive to work, I always ask myself
"what do I want to be when I grow up?"
I'm never able to answer it which is sad because I'm creeping up on my twenty-first birthday, which would make me a grown up right?! Instead I have all these dreams of what I might possibly want to become but what I'm finding out is most of the careers I'm interested in requires me to get some sort of degree. This bothers me.

When I first graduated from high school I did what normal high school graduates do. I enrolled myself in a college. The only thing that wasn't normal about me is that I didn't have mommy & daddy to help me pay for it. Nor were they enthusiastic about filling about that ridicuously long FAFSA form which means I'll have to wait until I'm twenty-four until I can do it myself. So does that mean the new adult age should be changed to twenty-four instead of twenty-one? My parents stressed to me from a very young age that if I wanted to continue my education after high school that I would pay for it, which in the future I'm sure this will better me, but right now it really sucks! (Pardon my lack of words) So after a year in college and taking a few courses I found that at that time I didn't know what I really wanted to do so I chose to throw myself in the work force.

So now here's me in the work force working and getting on the job training and my friends in school getting degrees, who will get further? Is me getting on the job experience make me less experienced?

I don't mean to put down those working hard in school and getting degrees but what about us workers who are probably just as qualified as you but we won't get a second look on our resume because it doesn't include the word DEGREE? Should I be getting myself in debt just for a title? I'm beginning to think that college is like designer shopping. I'll pay the extra for the name. (Helloooo Burberry!)

In my dream job (or my dream jobs), I want to be living in New York City and working in the event planning industry or the interior designer industry. I am in love with the lifestyle of what those careers could offer me. The people I'll meet, the places I'll get to go, and the stories I'll be able to share. Eventually I'll get there with hardwork and determination (and possibly a hole in my pocket) but like any road it has its bumps.

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