Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silence is Golden

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while but nothing seemed interesting enough to share my thoughts about.  Well interesting enough to share with the world wide web.  (hehe, I like how I act that there are millions of people reading my blog.) Any ways, I was thinking today,
Why do people talk so much about themselves?
Is it because they enjoying hearing their own voice?  I have a few friends that only know how to talk about themselves.  Almost every time that one of us shares a life experience, sure enough, this "friend" will go ahead and revert the conversation back to their life.  I'm not kidding it never fails! One of these days I'm going to share something outrageous and see if that stops this person. Doubt it! They'll probably share in outrageous fact. Oh, the horror! hehe.
 Or in order for the rest of us to ask how their life is doing, this person will go ahead and ask us questions about our lives (even though they don't truly care) in order for them to talk about theirs.  Why? Why do these types of people constantly have to talk about themselves?
I am the type of person to make excuses for other people so I don't have to blame them, even though it probably is their fault.  Weird I know, but I haven't learned not to care what people think yet. Hey! Give me some time. I haven't turned 21 yet! (I won't get to use that excuse much longer!) But for these types of people, I like to think that they constantly talk about themselves because they are insecure.  They need the approval of others for that small bit of achievement.  I guess it's kinda like a drug. They'll start off with a little but before you know it, it's full blown addiction! (I'm glad I listened to my mommy that drugs are bad! hehe.) These people will talk until they learn to feel comfortable in their own skin and accept that their lives are just as meaningful as anyone else's. Let's hope these PEOPLE learn soon because I'm starting to miss the SILENCE.

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