Thursday, August 26, 2010


So today while deciding what we wanted for lunch a thought crossed my mind,
Just because we are filled with certain ethnicities does that mean that we are should be experts in them?

I come from a wide variety of ethnicites; Filipino, Japanese, Scottish, Irish, and American Indian, but honestly, is one supposed to know about each of these cultures?  Speaking for myself, I can say that I have learned a few things here and there about the cultures that I look like; my Filipino nose, my Japanese eyes (when I smile), and my "brown" skin (when I have time to go to the beach and get a tan!).

I am a former Miss Hawaii-Island Filipina (my nose was the winning factor!) and during my reign I would have people of Filipino ancestry (and those that weren't) come up to me and just start saying things in the native languages expecting me know how to respond.  To be quite honest,  I would have been better off responding in Japanese! 

So because I'm filled with many ethnicites, does that mean I'm naturally cultured?

But what about those that are just one ethnicity, does that make them less cultured because they supposed to be experts in just one culture? I know that this is an extreme because there are other factors that would be considered when deciding if one is cultured like how you were raised, the friends you hung out, & many other things. But does the interest to learn cultures spark from those that we are?   

We ended up having Italian for lunch.  (One of the ethnicites I wish I was so I could be in EXPERT in.)

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